“Melissa’s space holding during the session was incredible. She was there for me entirely. Her guidance was so beautifully tuned, so pure and powerful.. that I could go through a deep healing process.”


“Melissa led me lovingly, like a mother holds her child by the hand, to unseen places – my blind spots, from which I have been unknowingly running away. By being able to approach those places in a gentle way together, I could now consciously witness, acknowledge, experience these parts of myself and integrate them within my body. Shifting the energies I have been so afraid of went effortlessly and graceful. Melissa held an open space in which I was able to be creative in how I wanted to interact with these parts and gave me suggestions in how to do so. The messages these parts held for me have been so beautiful and profound to me. It has shifted how I see my daily reality immensely. 

With Melissa, it’s like I have been able to taste this cake and she gave me the recipe. That I can use myself for navigating these spaces and hold space for myself. Very empowering.”


“I was able to be completely vulnerable and open with Melissa as she held a very gentle and beautiful safe space. A very deep core wound surfaced that was playing out in my life experience at that time. And within our session I was able to get to the root of a limiting belief from a memory when I was an infant.

She guided me to help me realize this and transform the pattern. It was very empowering, I would highly recommend anyone thinking of having a session with Melissa to trust her process as it is both very loving and supportive of personal transformation.”


“As we began the session, I couldn’t help but notice Melissa’s expertise shining through as she adeptly explained the process and set clear intentions for our journey. She is there to create a nurturing space and empowers you to take an active role, guiding you to where the energy naturally flows.

Throughout the session, I had the opportunity to delve deep within, revealing and reconnecting with aspects of my inner self that I had previously neglected.

The post-session discussion was equally valuable, as she shared visions she had during the session. This gave, on the one hand, great insight, but on the other hand, it is still something I’m trying to figure out. Sometimes it’s when you don’t try that things become clear, and their meaning will appear out of nowhere. Although these insights were thought-provoking, they further enhanced the impact of the session.

In conclusion, I think these sessions can be a powerful tool on your journey toward self.”