Let’s walk on this journey together. The pilgrimage of spirit through the body, into an awakened state. Into the truth of your being.

I would love to guide you into the remembrance of your authentic Self. Navigating through the illusions and amnesia. Embodying the light of your true nature and for you to share your unique gifts.

Melissa is deeply passionate about the embodiment of our most authentic selves, and therefore bringing healing to the parts that have fallen out of alignment with the truth of our being. This is what she provides within her Essence Embodiment sessions.

She created a process drawing from various teachings and her own intuitive guidance that she uses in her personal process of healing, re-aligning and embodying more and more her true self. Whilst discovering this process, the passion to share this and guide others into a remembering and embodying their truest self got deeply activated. Read about the steps she takes you through in a session here.

“I am walking with you. Evolving with every step on the path.”

As we began the session, I couldn’t help but notice her expertise shining through as she adeptly explained the process and set clear intentions for our journey. She is there to create a nurturing space and empowers you to take an active role, guiding you to where the energy naturally flows.



My devotion to Earth. 

We are a part of Earth as we are incarnating here. We are intimately engaged in a constant communion with the Earth. Every particle of our body existing out of her elements. To become this amazing bodysuit that we are wearing for our earthly journey.

Our ascension is her ascension, as we are all participating in the ascension of Earth through the ascension of our bodies. The key that unlocks humanity’s awakening is through our collective sovereignty.