It is time to remember and embody our most authentic selves and therefore bring healing to the parts that have fallen out of alignment with the truth of our being. This is what we will do in the Essence Embodiment sessions. This can result in inner child work, shadow work, reprogramming limiting beliefs, free unprocessed emotions and/or trauma (from this lifetime, past lives, ancestral linages).

Before our session I invite you to reflect on what you would like to receive during this ceremonial space. This will be the input to create the intention. Giving focus and direction to your desire.

After setting the intention I will guide you on a journey into a deeply relaxed state where you become more aware of the subtile energies and you can access your subconscious. I will connect you to your purest essence and invite that light, that is you, into your body. Grounding in higher states of consciousness. In that light we can see clearly what is out of alignment with your authentic nature, for us to alchemize.

From there we allow your body’s intelligence to guide us. I will guide and hold space for you to connect with your own innate healing abilities.


One session takes around 1,5 hours and can be held in person or via (video) call.

A single session – 111 euro
Five sessions – 444 euro

Leave your details behind below if you would like to book a session, or with any other questions, and I will get back to you!

“I was able to be completely vulnerable and open with Melissa as she held a very gentle and beautiful safe space.”